One fateful day, a child led me to read about Theosophy (god- Wisdom) and anthroposophy.  My search for truth brought me to regard myself and everyone around me as a Child of the Universe.  I hope to see each living and breathing thing as a miracle unfolding itself and as proof of our common Origin.




Cycles and Seasons

Coincidences (are they?)

Glimpses of our Divinity


Quote: The Universe is infinite in every direction.

Interests: Sustainable Living, Anthroposophy, Holistic Health, Green Planet, Astrology, Esoteric Wisdom, Spirituality, Meditation, Waldorf Education, Beaches and Mountains, and Children.

Virtues: Love, Compassion, Prudence, Empathy, Respect, Appreciation and Wonder

Vices: Chocolate and Caffeine

Occupation: A girl on a quest for the grail, in search of holy places.  A bard, hoping to save the world, one sacred nook at a time. Mother of 2.  Lawyer on the side.


  1. Monica


    I find your blog after searching for Mikael’s website. I think my son and I met your daughter when he went to Mikael for a few sessions before we moved to Palawan. Denise, my business partner in Indigobaby has her son there now–Benny.

    Really nice blog 🙂 Will add you to my list!

  2. Maya

    I’m pretty sure you know the feeling when you’ve bumped into a blog… and.you.just.can’t.stop.reading. That’s how I feel about yours, and I find it that way because I feel like I’m reading my thoughts, and it’s a nice feeling when you’re able to find somebody who you can somehow relate to, no matter how virtual it is. Would be nice to meet you in person someday, if the universe permits. 🙂 Thanks for keeping this up! More blessings on the way…

  3. Chat

    Just read a few lines and I was captivated.. Saved your blog on my bookmark bar for future reading.. Was actually just looking for moms who use Perla for their babies’ clothes.. Haha! I don’t believe in coincidences.. I’m a breastfeeding, natural birth & sustainable living advocate, and I believe in all things godly and natural. I was just about to finish this comment when I read the comment above me.. Hehe.. We share the same thoughts. We would love to meet you someday. 🙂

  4. Alexander Stoica

    Please be kind and send me your email or telephone. I am interested in the bamboo greenhouse. My name is Alexander Stoica, I am a Romanian living in Ghana. Thank you

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