On Lawlessness and the Saint of the Gutters

Our narrative should be about awakened compassion. Rage, aggression, condemnation, or finger-pointing, this is not our story. Terror leads us to the temptation of condemning others, with yellow armies and fist-fights, with proving who is right and who is wrong. Darkness cannot cast away darkness. Hate cannot cast away hate. How can evil be the necessary path to crime free streets? We need to cease hunting and make our way searching for truth and social justice. We need to desist critiquing the absence of humanity in others, and then unearth our own capacity for empathy and compassionate action.


Hearth and Home

There are bush fires right where I live, as the sun keeps igniting parched grass. They say Mars, planet of strife has conjoined with the sun, under the sign of Aries, sign of fire. Yesterday, the earth trembled in Iran. And I cannot count the number of hotheads I just ran into.  A friend was […]