Heat Wave

It’s tough to write when it’s hot. I fidget and stare, glancing at my book, my hand itching to write, my mind reasoning that I read instead.   It’s May (the lusty month of May) and yet I found myself still scouring the shops for stringy clothes that will take the sweat off my back.  Sandals […]



Is Perlas still running?” my aunt interrogated me on Easter Sunday. “Yes he is.” I replied. “And you’re still campaigning?” she asked. “”Ardently” was my reply. She stared at me bewildered. And I knew she thought, “You’re insane.” People will always wonder why we stand by Nick Perlas, and why we do so despite the […]


Ticked Off

I do not like polls or surveys.  A poll or survey will immediately ask you for a choice candidate, and you, without conscious deliberation, will pick one. It robs a voter of the chance for an informed vote. I just realized that I choose people everyday. Who makes breakfast?  Who watches the kids?  Who drives […]