Dread and stress. Someone should throw that in the modern Christmas song.  And frenzy should substitute merry. What is it about Christmas now?  Sometimes it feels so burdensome and we scurry about like little mice. Because the Christmas list keeps getting longer, endless even.  Someone next door just sent cake. Now I have to get […]


Decked Out

Christmas began in September. Just because the month ended in “ber.” Now that it’s December, I’m seeing red and blinding lights. And every year, it’s the same hoopla. Call me a Scrooge but doesn’t it seem foolish how we’re celebrating Christmas so early? As though we’re honoring the return of the light, when it is […]


My Walden

Company and drinks. Two things I miss about city life. And, that: a missed item on my grocery list was just right across the street; I had immaculately clean legs without bruises or bites; I could forget to lock my flat and not worry; or keep my windows open without fear of alien looking creatures […]