I love the dark hours of my being. My mind deepens into them. There I can find, as in old letters, the days of my life, already lived, and held like a legend, and understood. Then the knowing comes: I can open to another life that's wide and timeless. -Rainer Maria Rilke

A Maiden Voyage

(for mom, on Mother’s Day) I was born cradled in the sea In a ship that never anchored Incessantly carried out of loud moaning waves to foreign isles and islands Rocked by the waving arms of my mother     My mother, Aphrodite, beautiful Goddess of love and pleasure She was born in sea-foam, when […]


My sky

Sometimes I wish I could paint so I could show you my sky at dusk. But I can’t. So I’d have to contend with telling you instead. Gray hovering over the city lights Periwinkle blue splashed here and there Wisps of violet and cobalt Threads of silky white A bright blue backdrop Peach and pale […]


Light and Shadows

Bright light Dark shadow You exist in tandem one incessantly with the other growing together never devouring perpetually feeding. Pulsing star resounding, heavier in the pitch black night. Gray silhouette looming gigantic in the blazing radiance. As the gleam pulsates to a blaze you hound me even more glimmers casting tricks playing with the light […]