My Smoothest Path

Homemaker, Mover, Shaker

And truly, the occupation is Mother/Homemaker, with nothing to append. What becomes of homes, what becomes of human beings, those are the tasks that should upstage any man at the top. Schedules, grocery lists and recipes- that’s an unrivalled operations manual. Paying attention to what world a child takes in and wrestling with the distorted world that escapes anyway- that calls for more than knowing supply and demand. And that we are the starting point, “the bow that sends forth living arrows,” to the men who will later climb ladders and stay at the top, I say that trumps them all.


Fly Away Home

I can see it. One day, when this bugger discovers books, solitary adventures, and open spaces, there won’t be anyone to draw me in a fishtail by the sea. She will be busy marching to her own tune and naming things. Out of the castle, pushing boundaries, off to open spaces. (Hopefully not with a man on a white horse.) And I won’t be the good witch with cascading stars on her fingers. I might just be a witch with a broom. Or an old hag. And I will lose my powers that can do no wrong, even forget the songs that set everything right. Except not yet. Not today.


Paradise Lost

A classmate has been nicknamed “Negros Oriental.” I’m guessing, because of the color of his skin. Another kid has been marked “disturber of the peace.”  Last month, he threw tantrums and a chair.  A few weeks ago, he ran after the girls and pulled someone’s hair.  Minutes before that, the girls had lashed out at […]