Elitista ka kase.

“Elitista ka kase” was the reply.  “What do you mean?” I said.  “Well, just don’t go. You won’t belong. You can’t even speak Tagalog.” As though I live in a parallel world. Same patch of land, two different realities. Lineage has given you an entry pass to live amongst the elite.  Add a Catholic education, […]


Loose Change

Very well, so we are being the change.  No longer apathetic, we will advance with our pig banners on Monday. Scrap the portly barrel. Seek jail time for the transgressors, and a law that will parade us the money trails. As I march on Monday with these big bold words: integrity; justice; and accountability, on […]


Pork Barrel for Dummies

What is the Pork Barrel? An appropriation in the budget that allows government to spend for the benefit of limited groups or constituents in return for their political support. In most cases, the beneficiaries are a representative’s district.  Thus, the legislator uses the appropriation, to earn votes from constituents. In a nutshell: It’s a sum […]