A Broken Home

He wooed her. Promised her the world. He was going to be different from all the others.  The little money she had left, they were going to invest and spend on things that mattered. She won’t want for food, for shelter, or for protection. The children would be educated. Especially, he was going to listen to […]


Compassion and Shoes

Compassion and boundaries.  A friend put the two words together the other day.  I always placed them separately, opposed, unable to hold the same space.  And then I thought, they were flip sides. Compassion necessitates boundaries. Boundaries enable compassion. Because I had imagined myself the poster girl for compassion. Putting oneself in another’s shoes. To […]


Long Forgotten Gold

Our electric bill has surged to an additional P20,000. Meanwhile, a gang of robbers looted a jewelry store. As they were called The Martilyo Gang, our sharp-witted government came up with a solution: “henceforth, the sale of all hammers shall be prohibited in department stores.”  Rewind to 40 days ago, thousands were clamoring for bread, […]