Photographs and Letters

Except that there are too many shots I miss. And I could only fit frames in seconds. And instead, moments drift. The dandelion passes swiftly. The bird flies away. The rows of flowering trees won’t tell me their secret in a shot.

And so I write these down instead. I write for me and for sharing a bit of the world that lives in me. Hoping that one day, I am bestowed the gift, lent the Genius, to capture moments in prose, in a thousand words. And that someone somewhere reads them. Without pictures.


The Weakness of Pacquiao

I had envied Manny Pacquiao.  To have had the awe, the reverence and esteem of every Filipino was a formidable gift from the heavens.  Our streets are empty when there is a Pacquiao fight.  In fact, the crime rates go down. Every Filipino is glued to the screen, in wonder and respect, watching their idol […]