The first time we meet someone, we often ask, “So, what do you do?” The acceptable answers: Lawyer, senator, business tycoon, doctor, born into a prominent family, an actor, or a priest. These things we can easily check off as a “made man” doing work we brand as “worthy.” But there are a handful of […]



Often star-struck, we are easily swayed by endorsements of actors, socialites, of the country’s who’s who, the popular, media, and all the glitz.  They endorse one candidate and the gullible flock to the marketable choice. They ask me, who is Nick Perlas, why is he not advertising? Nick Perlas does not need advertising. He will […]


The gift of the MAGIc

I am sorely missing the magic that is Christmas.  This year, I struggled with all its grandeur, hoping to have the purest, most genuine Christmas possible.  But it was, as expected, in vain, foiled by all the gifts I had to wrap. Perhaps, as you get older, Christmas becomes heavier, laden with more gifts and […]