A Star to Guide You

Tonight is the Twelfth Night, tomorrow the Epiphany, the Feast of the Three Kings, the day that marks the end of Christmas. The Visit of the Magi was once celebrated around the world, in different traditions. In the Czech Republic, people dress up as kings, wearing furs and hats woven from straw and decorated with berry branches. The kings visit homes and spread the news of Christ’s birth, herald the new year, wishing farms a good harvest. In other traditions, they drink spiced ale beer. In Spain and Mexico, it’s the Dia de los Reyes. In Germany, children go from house to house to sing carols. In England, the Yule log is kept lit till the Twelfth night. In Russia, children wait for Mama Babouschka to fill their shoes, the Italians wait for Old Befana.

In our humble abode tonight, we will gather handfuls of grass for the camels. We will lay out our shoes by the door, hoping for gifts from the wise men. Not the huge and lavish presents from Santa’s gigantic red sack, but a little trinket that fits the shoe. And tonight I put a star up. Tomorrow I take down our tree and put the red ornaments away. The Nativity table will have Mary, Joseph and the Christ Child, surrounded by the Wise Men and a star. Breakfast will be of bread shaped like a star. We will light a candle and recite a verse, and I will tell them a story about the Magi.star.jpg

However you celebrate the Epiphany, I wish that wherever your path leads you this year, may there always be a star to guide you. And may you remember to always look up! ‪#‎Epiphanyblessings‬

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