Month: June 2014

Fly Away Home

I can see it. One day, when this bugger discovers books, solitary adventures, and open spaces, there won’t be anyone to draw me in a fishtail by the sea. She will be busy marching to her own tune and naming things. Out of the castle, pushing boundaries, off to open spaces. (Hopefully not with a man on a white horse.) And I won’t be the good witch with cascading stars on her fingers. I might just be a witch with a broom. Or an old hag. And I will lose my powers that can do no wrong, even forget the songs that set everything right. Except not yet. Not today.


The Joke’s on You

That’s not funny. No one’s amused. You know how it is when the show’s gone too far with obscenity and you walk out disgusted, requiring a barf bag, and irked at being thought such an imbecile that you’d fall for lewdness and find it amusing? Idiotic, that’s how you perceive us. And so you put […]