Month: December 2013

Long Forgotten Gold

Our electric bill has surged to an additional P20,000. Meanwhile, a gang of robbers looted a jewelry store. As they were called The Martilyo Gang, our sharp-witted government came up with a solution: “henceforth, the sale of all hammers shall be prohibited in department stores.”  Rewind to 40 days ago, thousands were clamoring for bread, […]


A Lot Like Christ-mas

There’s something strange about Christmas this year. I am yet to see dazzling lights or hear screechy carols.  Instead, I make out a twinkle here, angels choirs there. 1.  The Trimmings What happened to razzle-dazzle?  I haven’t seen sleighs and reindeer prancing about three storey houses, or a parachuted Santa going down the chimney.   People […]