Clearing Spaces

Been clearing out clutter the past few days. It’s meant to make way for the new to come in. I usually pride myself with my neatness. I grew up with everything spic and span.  And so, I cannot quite stand a cluttered desk or anything out of place.

But being clutter-free is not just about being neat and organized.  It also means being free of things you no longer need, having minimal storage, and having less of things that still need fixing, even giving away unwanted gifts. 

And while I have labeled things into boxes and coded them into files, I still have boxes of things waiting to be used, things to fix, and things that I still cannot just throw out. (Wow, reading through that, that sort sums up life.)

Organized clutter is what I have. My desks are bursting with an assortment of odds and ends.  My tidy closet is filled with clothes I do not use (a chest of suits and killer shoes.) In fact, I only wear less than 20% of what’s in my closet. The unwanted garb, reflections of someone I was, are there left waiting, wearing out its use. And yet every year, I “spring-clean” and again, organize and stack them to gather more dust.  Maybe this year I could find use for them.  I say: time to just let it go.

Image fr.

We like to keep memorabilia. We also just have way too much garb. And we try to fill in too many shoes. Our lives are an assortment of things I suppose. Collections.  But the clutter restricts us, sort of like a crowded room that does not give you much room to move.  I see my 80-20 closet as a metaphor for life. As though I am unable to let go of an old collection of me (honestly, who wants to wear stiff, uncomfortable, itchy suits and shoes that hurt anyway?)  By doing so, I somehow don’t leave much room for the life I really want now. And foolishly, I remind myself about the confusion everyday, as I open my closet door.

There’s a need to purge the old stuff.  You cannot just always keep things to deal with them later.  Overflowing drawers allow no room for new things.  Crowded spaces won’t let you move.  It’s quite simple, when you bring in something new, let go of something old.  What you wear everyday, that’s you. What you haven’t worn in ages, you lost her somewhere in the past. Sort through the boxes, and let go of junk.  There are things that are no longer loved, unwanted, not even useful, let these go. These can be more precious to someone else.   Most of all, be clear about who you are and what you want.  Everything else will just be clutter.

I’m doing mine one room at a time. So this week, garage sale, suits and killer shoes for sale.

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