Prey and Kill

I wonder how that feels? Killing. Having someone murdered. Butchered. Not someone you hate. But anyone in your way: people who have never laid a finger on you; blameless; but were just there, that diabolical moment when you decided you could play God and rid them of their lives. I just read it today. 50 people abducted, 46 found dead, a wife included and two pregnant siblings, today when all they did was file a husband’s and a brother’s certificate of candidacy. I cannot fathom, and I could go deep down into the abyss and still not fathom, how anyone could murder so many on a motive of what? Invoking fear? Loathing? Retribution? Hatred? Just knowing that you can do so? I always thought we had evolved enough as a race such that we no longer killed with impunity. But our very freedom has ironically turned us savage and less human. And less than animals, we are. Animals hunt, stalk, hound and strike on their prey and yet they never kill without reason other than survival. And they never kill to surplus, hound and mow down more than what they need to remain alive. With intelligence and cunning, we stake out, prey and kill heartlessly, for any reason except survival. Or, have we fallen so deep into the pit that we have equated survival with staying in power? Stake out humans, prey and kill heartlessly so one wields excessive power, be above the law, even the queen. And the recent massacre is but a blatant picture of the dark, deplorable, wretched state of our times. Acts are dictated like puppets on strings as the powerful puppeteers put on their shows, and truths are cloaked in wads of cash. And as we continue to gape at the sidelines, shudder, and then allow this diabolical act to be forgotten carried off by mists of gold, we are killing every semblance of humanity, and downgrade ourselves to being less than savage beasts.

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