Month: November 2009

Who’s Coming?

Advent begins today.  No one minds advent anymore. I don’t have a distinct memory of it except of lighting one purple candle and anticipating the joyful pink one, which meant gifts are just around the corner.  Still I didn’t really know what Advent was for except that it meant preparing.  Preparing for that eve when […]


Prey and Kill

I wonder how that feels? Killing. Having someone murdered. Butchered. Not someone you hate. But anyone in your way: people who have never laid a finger on you; blameless; but were just there, that diabolical moment when you decided you could play God and rid them of their lives. I just read it today. 50 […]



I adjudge myself brat and irritated by the slightest inconvenience. Noise, smoke, perfume, waiting and people not paying attention, I am provoked. Shrill voices screeching on the radio, chatter, booming phone conversations, the same words repeatedly chanted on my ear. Pollution like poison slowly wafting into my lungs. And perfume, the smell of after-shave or […]