This Week: Walk Past Cafes

813425_small_foot_printRead from More Minimal: “We are shopping our planet to death.” Consumerism, and that includes our voracious desire for plasma TV, this laptop computer, that Iphone, and “I cannot keep wearing the same outfit” needs.  Think about it, when people recently donated to flood victims, they sent truckloads of clothes. Now tell me, why did we have so many clothes stashed away in storage boxes? My carbon footprint is now as big as a Mammoth that gobbles up “all things pretty” her way. It does not help that I work fifteen giant steps across Greenbelt. I have to transform my worldly ways. Stop consuming so callously, oblivious to the invisible emissions I release for every thread count and every coffee cup.  My daughter is happy playing with blocks of wood and has built an entire castle and train off them.  I should already make myself a princess out of my monstrous armoire of clothes. I wrote about SIMPLIFYING a year ago and yet there are greedy Mammoth days.  And I cannot retire from caffeine-at-the-cafe addiction, which means C footprints that pile up everyday.  Why won’t I brew my own brew? Which should be my motive this week.  No caffeine from cafes. Next week: no clothes shopping.

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