Won’t drink again

Burning UpI have a headache that feels like the Big Bad Wolf knocking: “Let me come in.” They made me gulp down Sambuca a.k.a. Burn Bugsy Burn. I cannot believe I sucked in the ghastly alcohol that was smoking up the glass. Fred the Bartender had flared up the booze and mad, but I drew the vapor in. If it looks dangerous to the health, it should be dangerous to the health. I want to pull out my head and take out the little demons that are hammering within. Woke up with a sore throat too.  Why did I stay in the Smoking section when I don’t smoke?  I surely didn’t need vapor or smog to do the typewriter dance, even laugh for no reason.  And this scene looks shamefully too familiar.  So tell me, why do I never learn?

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