Notes to Self

Doing my bit for Climate Change

1.  Bring reusable bag everywhere.  If I forget it, I don’t buy anything (or stuff my handbag silly.)

2.  No processed food= less energy (to produce it) and packaging.  (That includes El Rey.)

3.  Back to vinegar, baking soda and olive oil for cleaning.

4.  Remember that less meat= less livestock consumption= less pollution.  Roasted steak is only eaten once every two weeks.

5.  No bottled water.  Bring own bottle. If I don’t bring it, die of thirst.

6.  No more fast food. (That includes Mini Stop Fried Chicken.  Maybe once a month?)

7.  Brew own coffee.  Skip cafes?  (Maybe not yet. Revise to: Bring own coffee mug.)

8.  Shut down laptop at night.

9.   No more To Go’s.  Bring own container.

10.  Grow more vegetables. And eat them too.

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