Get a Whiff of this

What has the world gone to?  I now have to throw away my perfumes, the ones  I have been careful to save a few drops of, just so I could squirt myself nostalgic and transport me into childhood.  There’s (Monaguesca), High School (Para Mi Bebe), College (Colors), Law School (I don’t remember having had time to smell good) and all those Happy days and 360 nights.  All my memory lane bottles have “fragrance” etched on the label! What’s wrong with “fragrance?”  I read an article stating that there is a huge possibility my sentimentality in a bottle reeks of petroleum-based toxins.  “Fragrance” is NOT an ingredient, and when listed as such, is supposedly only because it has a chock-full of chemicals.  Perfume manufacturers are not required to reveal what goes into each whiff that carries me into fond memories of fun and frolic.  The actual ingredients are protected as a trade secret, or secrets of chemicals that go into every drop that finds its way into my wrists, my neck and each gentleman that breathed me in.  My nose knows, that’s why it sneezes the moment I spray myself silly.  The worst is, I read phthalates are often used to make scent last longer. Phthalates are those chemicals that are strongly suspected of interfering with reproductive development in children. Yikes!  There goes my dreams of Para Me Bebes and Tartine et Chocolats on my kids.  I would have to endure the sweet-sour smell of the sun and dirt.  Well, actually, that’s not such a bad trade-off.

shapeimage_2What to do? The article recommends  labels that say “100% pure essential oil” instead of “fragrant,” “perfume” or “aromatherapy” oil.  I discovered some local colognes and mists that are scented with plant-based essential oils instead of synthetic chemicals.  Among the brands I have seen carrying colognes and mists are All Organics, Zen and Fresca.  I’ve tried Fresca’s Olive and Ginger sprays and they are delightful (She has a stall every Sunday at the Organic Market in Legaspi Village.)  There are a number of imported brands you can consider too.  You can also just take a shower.  But then again, there are other things to consider- your soap, your shampoo, your water…Seriously, what has the world gone to?

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