Homeopathic Remedies

shapeimage_2I’ve been fortunate to have found a doctor who practices homeopathy and natural medicine.  My children are yet to take antibiotics, and their bodies have almost always naturally healed without conventional medicine.  Oatmeal for rashes on my three month old baby, water for the cough of my two year old (“that’s the first thing we learned in med school” she said), Tea Bags for their eye sores, Eucalyptus oil for clearing breath-ways, Echinacea to prevent the nasty flu from bugging us, Belladonna for fever, Tempra only if the body can’t cure itself.  Natural remedies have been used for centuries.   Remember how our moms used to make us Ginger “Salabat” tea for sore throats?  “Homeopathy has also been there for more than 200 years.  It is a gentle, holistic system of healing.  It focuses on you as an individual, concentrating on treating your specific physical and emotional symptoms.  [It uses a holistic perspective, taking the whole human being, his body and his psyche as well.]  The therapy is based on the theory of treating “like with like”. Homeopathic remedies are diluted natural substances that if given to a healthy person, would produce the symptoms the medicine is prescribed for.” What is nice about it is that Homeopathy is a complementary therapy, and is used alongside chiropractic, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and with most conventional medicines.  (See http://www.homeopathy-soh.org/about-homeopathy/what-is-homeopathy)  With my experience of homeopathy on my children, I have learned to approach sickness not as problems but as “need-bes” that contribute to the development of later, more stable states of health.  I have learned to trust in the body’s healing forces, taking fever, rashes, or vomiting, as signs of the body’s struggle to overcome infection, and achieving a higher level of immunity for the future.  I know that I owe the strength of my immune system to the fact that we, as children, were allowed to learn how to cope with germs.  We were allowed to survive illness with no fever suppressants, antibiotics, even some vaccines.  Also, I have come to value health as a balance and order in our bodily, emotional and mental functions and activities.  Our resistance to ill-health may be strengthened by love, security and a stable home environment. While I can’t say that I shun drugs or vaccination, I have learned to take the middle-ground, trying natural remedies first, then moving to homeopathic treatments, and if the infection is too strong, then drug my way into health.

Here’s my list of TOP homeopathic remedies (most of these I get from the ISIP Center, Dra. Chen or Dra. Baclig.  Healthy Options also carries homeopathic kits):

Echinicea:  Immune System, when someone in the house feels like getting a cold, the flu or fever

Ferrum Phosphate: Low grade Fever, Colds

Pyrite and Cinnabar: Cough

Apis Belladona: Fever, Infection

Sabadilla: Allergies

Constipation: Digestodoron

Diarrhea: Carbo Betullae

Asthma: Prunus, Veronica, Quercus

Chamomila: Sleeping, Migraine, Dysmenorrhea

Liver Detox: Hepatoderon

Stress/Anxiety: Bach Flower Essence: Rescue Remedy (from Healthy Options)

There are several doctors that now practice homeopathic medicine in the Philippines, aside from other holistic practices such as Reiki healing and curative Eurythmy. If you want to explore homeopathic medicine, alongside conventional medicine for your children, my doctor is Dra. Cricket Palanca-Chen.  You may reach her at her clinic at 632-8449185.  There is also a Raphael Clinic at the Isip Center, 6241 Palma St., Poblacion, Makati City. 632-895-84-21. The Clinic has wellness and healing programs on family medicine and pediatrics, general medicine, eurythmy, acupuncture, stress management and laser therapy.  For family medicine, I go to Dra. Pinky Baclig.  She has clinics in Makati (Th-Sat. at the Prince Tower, Tordesillas St.) or Quezon City (1-A Paciano Rizal Street, corner J.P. Rizal, Project 4, Quezon City.)  http://pvbaclig.wordpress.com.  You can also contact Dra. Baclig at 396 53 86 or 09177068951.


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